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Date : 2012-05-23

BEST East, a part EU funded ERDF programme has developed free workshops to assist small and medium sized construction businesses in the East of England to learn about the challenges they need to meet in order to secure work in the supply chains of the future. Interested firms need to complete a short questionnaire to confirm eligibility and tell us which topics, dates and venues are of most interest:

Book your place on up to 2 of the FREE BEST East ‘Save to Succeed’ Workshops

Eligible firms can attend up to 2 of these workshops free of charge – to pre book your place, please tick up to two of the boxes below and we will contact you after this event to confirm and send you the link to the eligibility questionnaire. Those people/firms that did not attend the conference introductory session can still choose to attend these workshops.

Each workshop will be delivered over one day with interactive exercises and a work based assessment exercise to provide demonstrable evidence of the improvements that can be made.

We apologise in advance that if you do book for more than one workshop, you will be asked to fill out the same eligibility questions for each booking. 


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