Constructing Excellence Awards

Date : 2013-05-09

Enter your organisation for the

East of England Constructing Excellence Awards


It’s easy to do and has lots of categories to choose from – from SME’s to large corporations

see the brochure and choose the best for you.

Any organisation with a connection to the East of England is eligible, that might be your office or workshop or a project (big or small).

We are not making a meal out of paperwork so whatever you have we will make fit.


What we want to know to judge you a winner is why you think you should be a winner

the better the reason the more likely you are to win.


Regional winners go on to the National Awards.


Applications are needed by the end of May so don’t delay - send in your application now!


Keep your submission short we can always ask for more but make sure you tell us why you should win.


A word application form is available to help you provide the necessary information

Click here to download


Contact for further information 07768 607014